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A white Southern Cross constellation is on the stripe, and the field bears a stylized version of the Canberra coat of arms . The flags width-to-length ratio is doctor home loan rate Oak Laurel 1 to 2. Related Topics flag of Canada A coat of arms was created for Canberra , Australias capital city, in 1928. It consisted of black and white swans (representing, respectively, Aboriginal and European people) bracketing and supporting a shield. On the shield was a portcullis (castle gate) that recalled the arms of the City of Westminster (London), and, hence, the British Parliament. Other symbols included a sword, a royal mace, a castle, and the white rose of Yorkall commemorating the first Australian parliament in Canberra, opened in 1927 by Prince Albert, duke of York (later King George VI). In 1929 the arms were used unofficially on a red flag to represent the city; the flag background was later changed to blue. The first proposals for a distinctive Australian Capital Territory (ACT) flag were made in 1983. One showed the royal bluebell (official flower of Canberra) on a yellow field, flanked at the hoist by a blue stripe bearing the white seven-pointed Commonwealth Star. Blue and gold were declared the sporting colours of Canberra in 1985. Following further government discussion, design proposals were sought in 1992 for an ACT flag. Five proposals were created, all incorporating a modified version of the Canberra coat of arms and the colours blue, yellow, and white.